Overcoming Writer’s Block and Filling the Blank Canvas

by Dilroop Khangura, Age 15, Australia


You’d think that the phenomenal world painted in your head would be easy to pull out and share. But it isn’t. In fact, no matter what your writing experience may be, it can take what seems like years to get your fantastic idea out of your head and onto the “canvas.” However, there are ways to speed up the process of creating a story. Here are three.

Firstly, write. Don’t think about anything. Just write. It doesn’t matter whether or not what you are writing relates to your idea. Just write anything that comes to mind, even if it’s just a word. Don’t worry about sentence structure or vocabulary. Just pick up your pen…or type like there’s no tomorrow.

Next, review. Look at what you’ve written and think of ways you could incorporate it into your story idea. If you don’t think what you’ve written can be part of your story, think of ways to link to your idea and how those links could be expanded to create a story.

The greatest tip I can give you, if you’re struggling to get your thoughts on paper, is to create a barrier with the world and sink into your own world. Forget about the dog barking in the distance or the lawnmower screaming next door and just get lost in your own fantasy. Taste, feel, smell, touch, and hear your world and watch the words come rushing to you.


Dilroop is an budding Australian writer who hopes to create stories which inspire others to write and allow them to immerse deep into a world that is far from their own. Read Dilroop’s new blog.



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