December Fiction: Wordsmith (a poem)

by Jane Liu, Age 16, United States

The fiction prompt for December was “letters.”



In a kingdom by the sea
A maiden pens lines for her sovereign
Crinkling parchment and curling loops,
She blots it cleanly
Blows the sand off and stretches,
A sigh upon her lips and cups in dainty hands
Love, heart’s mead and heart’s hope
Before the fluttering pendant falls down
To half-mast and the kitchens release
A hot burst of steam
She prepares a song for her ruler, stolen
Words of beauty and grace carved from
A visage ruthless; crafting dark inks for organs
Of cold metal and stone; shaping spells, enchantments
For the ear from black flourishes and red curlicues
In homage to a monarch lifted by the might of
Winter’s chill and the fear of highborn
Kinsmen; alas, now the
Footsteps sound in the tower’s spiralling
Staircase and echo across an ocean,
The jingling of keys and the pounding of shields
All hail the queen.


Jane says, “Though I enjoy humorous short stories and poems, I’m currently working on a YA novel with darker themes.” 


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