December Fiction: Vein Mail

by Sanya Chawla, Age 16, India

The fiction prompt for December was “letters.”


Vein Mail

Brain wrote a letter to heart:
Don’t fall for Him.
You know he’ll never love you
like he loves himself.
Don’t fall for him.
You know that he will break you,
and we will sink again.
Do not fall for him.
Why? Because we both know
that people never really change.
Forget the idea-thought-possibility
of there ever even being
a You and a Him.
Forget him.
Wrote it, signed it, sent it,
through the Neuro-Post system
to Capillary Junction,
on the Vein Train it traveled
down to Left Atrium station.
Blood pumped in, blood pumped out.
Message received, no response.
Heart rarely listened to logic.


Sanya says, “Too many fleeting thoughts race across my mind for me to capture them on paper. Hopefully someday the world will slow down enough, for me and my dreams to catch up.”


8 comments on “December Fiction: Vein Mail

  1. Smridh

    Oh my god. This is beautiful!

    • Sanya Chawla

      Thank you so much! ^_^

  2. I love this poem! Your use of science and art is the perfect combination, and the last line is both funny and sparks truth.

    • Sanya Chawla

      Thank you!

  3. Hiya

    God, Sanya, this is beautiful! Great work!

    • Sanya Chawla

      Thanks a lot Hiya! :)

  4. Esha

    Wow. This is great! Sanya, u have real talent mon amie

    • Sanya Chawla

      Thanks Eesh <3

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