The Day I Started My Writing Career

by Kelsey Howard, Age 20, USA


I still remember the first personal narrative I wrote. It was during elementary school and to this day I remember the topic. Who is your hero?

This is a typical topic used in elementary schools because every child has a hero. I will never forget that I didn’t choose a 90’s icon like Britney Spears, the Spice Girls, or The Backstreet Boys. While the other children were praising the celebrities, only one person came to mind– my grandpa. It’s funny because even to this day when I am asked who I look up to and admire most, it is still him.

From my first essay as a child, I was hooked on writing. I wanted to read every book in my fifth grade teacher’s bookcase and I wanted to write the school play; not act in it. When I was ten years old I created a “Neighborhood Newspaper” in which I wrote about the morning dog-walkers, the deserted house next to mine, and the elderly woman across the street who would let me climb her tree. I didn’t realize writing would be such a huge part of my life for the rest of my life.

To this day I am working towards a degree to become a magazine writer and editor. I am consistently updating my blog and taking extra writing classes. The only thing I dislike about writing is not being able to proof-read my own paper as well as I do others. Other than that, I’d say we have a loving relationship– writing and I.


Kelsey Howard is a  20 year old junior at the University of South Florida who is majoring in mass communications with a concentration in magazine. Kelsey says, “I hope one day to write for a women’s magazine and eventually become an editor.”  Follow Kelsey on twitter at @kelseykayhoward or read her blog


7 comments on “The Day I Started My Writing Career

  1. Aida Leal

    Congratulations kelsey! Great job!

  2. Kelsey, congratulations on your blog post. I am always very proud of all of your hard work and contributions!

  3. John Howard

    My girl doesn’t mess around! Go big or go home!

  4. Jim Boatright

    Kelsey, I’ve known you since you 14, and I always thought you would make it in this world. Congratulations for getting this very nice artilcle published. You’re on your way to your dream job.


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