Creative Writing is Like Acting

by Valerie Flokstra, jaBlog! Junior Editor for Book Reviews


Lights, Action… Write!

Writing is more closely connected with acting than you might imagine.  What could be easier than writing what you are “actually” experiencing?  Acting is about getting into character, and writing involves getting into your character’s mind and writing how it feels.  Characters face rejection, hardships, dilemmas, illness, relief.   The thrilling part about being an author is that you get to experience the roller coaster of emotion along with them.

Here’s a tip: you don’t need to work yourself up to write emotionally.  Take advantage of the emotional roller coaster that all teens go through.  Channel your moments of extreme fury, elation, and sorrow into fantastic prose.  Next time you feel angry enough to punch a hole through a cement wall, write a scene starring an infuriated character.  Turn your sadness into heart-wrenching stories.  Create comedic narratives by reliving your moments of side-splitting laughter.

Little compares with the heart-pounding excitement of frantically scribbling words onto a piece of paper while clinging to bursts of inspiration.  Elation, dread, heart-pounding fear, ecstasy, joy.  Whether in poetry or prose, the best way to write a character is to become (or already be) that character.  Jump into character, be passionate, and go on fantastically thrilling adventures of every genre.  Busy yourself at the keyboard and break a leg!


Valerie Flokstra is an 17 year old Canadian writer. Her stories have won prizes in the Junior Authors Short Story Contest three times and she is a valued member of the Laura Thomas Communications and jaBlog! team.


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