Thank you for stopping by LTC. It is true that as of August 2016 we are no longer publishing jaBlog!  Our contests are also discontinued. I hope you will browse the jaBlog! archives, read the winning contest entries from previous years, and take advantage of the writing resources still available on this website.

Laura will continue to moderate and publish visitors’ comments. She will also read and give feedback on short stories that have been written for the Polly fan fiction challenge in Polly Wants to Be a Writer.

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Vancouver, Canada


43 comments on “Contact

  1. Deborah Grech

    Dear Ms Thomas,

    I have just submitted my son’s short story for the 2015 International Junior Authors Writing Contest.

    I have difficulty in finding the feedback option on the site. Would you be so kind as to direct me to it. Sean is rather keen on your feedback.

    Kind regards,

    Deborah Grech
    Malta G.C.

  2. rebecca

    I am confused, my daughter is not a finalist, yet we received in the mail for her poem to be published? Doesn’t she have to be a finalist for that to happen?

    • Hi Rebecca. That is correct. In our contests only the first place winner in each age group is published. If a poem did not make the finals it will not be published. Can you please email me to explain what “mail for her poem to be published” is referring to. Perhaps that was for a different contest? My address is

  3. Matthew Weseman

    Hello again, Laura,

    How have you been doing? I was just wondering, how long does it usually take you to finish crafting feedback for those who purchase the feedback option? I paid for feedback myself, and I’d like to know how long is the expected wait time.

    Best regards,

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Matt. I will start sending out the emails this week. I do one age category at a time and will post updates on the contest stats page. I hope to be finished by the first week of November.

  4. Gabriela van Bergen

    Hi. I submitted a short story for the 2014 contest and paid the feed back option, but I have received no notification at all (receipt, email, or anything). I am worried that the payment went wrong. How do I know that is not the case? Please help me, while I can still do something about it (pay again). Thanks! Best regards,

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Gabriela. You should have received a receipt when you paid in the store, but I have checked my records and see that you did pay for feedback for your story “Trapped in Time.” You will be getting feedback.

      • Gabriela van Bergen


  5. Hi Laura:

    I was interested to read about your upcoming conference for young writers. We are also organizing a conference in Richmond but ours if focusing on the business end instead of the creative process. Details are available on our website. I also have a brochure I could email to you.

    We have added your event to our social media and hope that you will do the same for Raindance. It also occurred to me that you might want to join our other authors to promote your new book.

    It seems that between us we have made Richmond a hotbed of creative activity!


    • Hi Lynn. Thanks for connecting and for sharing the JAW Conference on your social media sites. I will take a look, please email me your brochure.

  6. Are you accepting short stories for feedback currently?!

    • I am not calling for more short story for the feedback option at the moment. When I do, only those on the Insider Mailing List will know.

  7. Brooke

    Hi, I submitted an entry for the 2013 Junior Authors Writing Contest and I asked for feedback. I know it costs money for feedback, but I didn’t know it had to be paid before Sept. 1st. Am I still able to pay for and receive feedback??

    • Hi Brooke. It doesn’t have to be paid by September 1st. Where did you read that? Please let me know. I just ask that everyone who wants feedback pay it as soon as they can so that I can make sure the entry is complete.

  8. Ravi Teja Tadimalla

    Hello mam, would I be paid if I write for your blog?

    • Hi Ravi. No money, but you get published, and if you have a blog to promote you can link to it.

  9. Chelsea

    Hello, I just sumbmitted my story for your contest, but I made a mistake on the email i put. Is there a way i can give you a correct email? Or do i have to submit again?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Chelsea. If you put the wrong email address on the entry form, please resubmit. Otherwise, you will miss all the contest communication.

      • Chelsea

        Thank you very much!

  10. Sadeel Zafar

    Hi Laura,
    I’m 13 and I started writing a year ago. I’m currently writing what I foresee to become a 12-book saga of the fantasy genre. I have very recently written a short story and came across your site in my search of contests. Sadly, my story is 4,063 words and therefore I would not qualify for entry into your short story contest. Is there any other contest where I can submit my work? or a way for my work to get appraised, possibly published, just so I can grow as a writer?
    Best regards,
    Sadeel Zafar

    • Hi Sadeel. I don’t think you will find too many legitimate reviewers for longer pieces of writing that are free. I can do evaluations like that but I charge for it. I do as much as I can for young writers at no cost to them, but I have limits because there are only so many hours in the day and I need to earn a living. I do not know of any contests that take such long stories. Stories that long take four times as much time to read and judge so I imagine any contest like that would have an entry fee. I suggest that you try writing a short-short story for my contest. You have until June 30th. You can also write a short story of up to 2,000 words and send it to me for consideration for my blog.

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