Thank you for stopping by LTC. It is true that as of August 2016 we are no longer publishing jaBlog!  Our contests are also discontinued. I hope you will browse the jaBlog! archives, read the winning contest entries from previous years, and take advantage of the writing resources still available on this website.

Laura will continue to moderate and publish visitors’ comments. She will also read and give feedback on short stories that have been written for the Polly fan fiction challenge in Polly Wants to Be a Writer.

Store Support
Upon completion of your purchase you will automatically receive an email with links to download the digital product you have purchased. The links will expire in 24 hours. If you have purchased something in the store and the download link has expired, please email Laura and let her know.

Contact Laura
Phone: 604-307-4971 (voice or text)
Vancouver, Canada


43 comments on “Contact

  1. Sylvia Nica

    Dear Laura,

    This was an email saying thank you for for holding these contests. Every year, when you hold them, it gives me motivation to write and to pursue my passion of the written word. In so many ways creative writing is discouraged– at school, in business, and in life in general, that it really makes a difference to be able to participate in your contests. If I hadn’t first entered your contest I would’ve never discovered your site, or at least I would’ve discovered it much later, and I wouldn’t have had the amazing opportunities I have today. This was just a thank you from me (and I’m sure many other young authors) for supporting our writing dream and holding these contests.

    Thank you,

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