Junior Authors Conference Testimonials


“Hi Laura, just wanted to let you know that yesterday in class our teacher asked us what we wanted to be I raised my hand and said an author of course. Everyone or almost everyone knew that anyway. After that a girl who was sitting next to me who was normally pretty shy told me that I was a great writer and she wanted to know how I became a great writer. So at lunch I showed her your website and the girl on the other side of me said that her mom knew you. So the girl got all exited and wanted to go and met you and so I showed her the junior authors conference, which is held like 10 minutes away from my house. Anyways I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help and that you get to help one more person become an author. Thanks for all your help. – Hayley. See you in October and happy writing.”



“I was inspired by all the girls at my table. One of the girls told me that she wrote for her school paper. I have always wanted to write a newsletter and she inspired me to start one this week. I liked how we got to hear from all the writers and publishers I learned so many writing tips.” - Maria, age 11

“The writer’s conference was an amazing experience in which I learned that writing is hard work, but you can most certainly get some work out there if you are passionate about writing. Writing isn’t just when people write novels, it also encompasses things like blogs, poetry and much more. In this magical atmosphere, I met new friends with many hobbies and tendencies that are quite similar to mine. I definitely will come back next year.” - Genevieve

“Josh and Milo both attended the Junior Authors Conference. At the end of their 8 hour day they were armed with awesome advice, new technical skills and approached to writing, and most of all an excitement to bring their own stories to life.” Read more

“I really enjoyed the conference because I loved meeting other young writers (I can’t really always talk about writing to all my friends from school) and the enthusiasm that transmitted through me with all the presentations. When I got home I wanted to write more than ever!” - Yasmin, age 11

Link to an article about the conference written by one of our speakers, Michelle Halket of Central Avenue Publishing. READ

Short Fiction Contest Winners
Emily Richey – READ on jaBlog!
Maria Clarke – READ on jaBlog!

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UK Junior Authors Conference WAPPY“Thank you very much for choosing me as the winner, and for such a lovely conference! One of the girls that I met and I have decided to be writing buddies, as well, so that you for the introduction opportunity!” - Hannah Brown, Winner of the Conference Fiction Contest

“Thanks for making me so welcome yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Young people have fantastic ideas. It’s an enormous privilege to help them unleash those ideas onto the page or the screen, so I was delighted to be able to run a workshop at the junior authors’ conference.” – Charlie Cochrane, Workshop Presenter

“Canadian based, Laura Thomas, who came to the UK for the first time, to host the conference was great, inspirational and supportive!” - Grace Quansah, Workshop Presenter

“Wow… what an amazing whirlwind of a day! I have come away feeling inspired to keep up what I am doing and have confidence in what I write. I have learnt some great new techniques, met new people with the same ambitions as me and had a great time!  The workshop leaders were very professional and there were prize opportunities throughout the day. Laura was a great host and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves writing. As someone mentioned during the day: ‘We write to change the world!'” – Bethany

“I was absolutely blown away by the success of the UK Junior Authors Conference. It was extremely well organised and the children seemed to really enjoy themselves. It was great to speak to a room full of enthusiastic, switched on, engaged and excited youngsters, all wanting to learn more about writing. A glorious day in a glorious location. Many, many thanks for including me in it. It was a privilege.” - Lil Chase, Workshop Presenter

Short Fiction Contest Winner
Hannah Brown – READ on jaBlog!



Winner of the Short Fiction Contest
Marlowe Evans – READ on jaBlog!

JA Conference“Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and the workshops were enlightening!”

“Thank you for making a conference just for young writers.”


“The conference was amazing.”

“I wanted to thank you for all that you organised for yesterday’s conference. My daughter had an amazing time, learnt lots and came back full of all people she had met and the workshops you had provided. It was clearly a very enriching experience for her. Thank you for hard-work and dedication to helping young writers like her.” - Parent of Participant

“This was so informative and so much fun. I can’t wait for next year.”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

Our community of young writers is a budding flame, a revolutionary idea in the process of being realized and you are kindling our fire and helping us grow. Thank you for the arranging the whole thing. It was a great learning experience.

“Too much to say, so I’ll put it in one word: thanks.”

“Thank you so much for signing my copy of Polly Wants to be a Writer and for making the Junior Authors Writers Conference it was a really great experience.”

“I would love to say thank you so much to all of the speakers and organizers. I loved it.”

This conference totally inspired me to keep trying and train my literary dragon.

“Thank you. This conference was wonderful.”

“Thank you Laura so much for putting this together. You have inspired me to write and to never give up on my dream. And thank you to all the speakers. You guys have taught me so much and now I feel like Im’ more controlled in my writing. I now have an understanding of the basics.”

“Thank you for inspiring me and I want to come again.”

Eager Reader of Polly Wants to Be a Writer“Thank you. I had a lot of fun and built relationships with my friends.”

It was awesome. The way I felt about this conference is so, so deep. I felt we had really just started but we finished it before the beginning.

“Thanks for everything, Laura. I had a great time.”

“Loved it.”

“It was really helpful.”

I am the most grateful person in the world. I never imagined coming this far and this was a great way to give young people a chance to shine.

“Thanks for being so great and keep up the cool conferences.”

“Thanks for a great time!”

“I live in a really small town so this was an amazing opportunity to learn about what I love.”

“I got a lot of helpful tips and tricks from this conference and I hope that I come back next year.”

Thank you for helping me make my book better.

“I just want to thank you for giving my daughter the chance to join the conference last Saturday despite of our inability to pay the fees. It was a great exposure and training for her. Thank you again for all the help not only to my daughter but to other young writers as well.  Will be following your website and twitter for more help.” - Parent of Scholarship recipient


What some of our Presenters had to say…

“It was a wonderful event. Thanks for letting me be part of it, Laura. The kids sure seemed happy to be there.You did an amazing job of organizing it. I blogged about it.” – Darlene Foster

Thank you. I just loved doing it. The kids were so attentive. It’s a great thing you’re doing, encouraging and honouring them like that. – Michelle Barker

“Thank you very much for the opportunity, Laura. You are to be congratulated for a wonderful job of putting the conference together.” – George Opacic, Past President of the BC Federation of Writers

“I just wanted to send a note to thank you for inviting me to join your really special event. To see those kids in action, being super creative and proud of their work, was phenomenal. Thank you for putting this conference together and encouraging young writers to dive deeper into and hone their skills.” – Jes von Henzke


What Bloggers had to say…

Article by Lisa Voisin

Article by Maggi Bolitho



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