Junior Authors Writers Conference & Market Canada

“Get Published” is our 2015 THEME

As much as I love meeting young writers face-to-face, this is the last time I will be hosting a Junior Authors Conference. Registration numbers are too low to continue. I think the online world has truly supplanted the need for brick-and-mortar events. – Laura


A big thank you to everyone who attended today. Your support and enthusiasm was deeply appreciated! – Laura

Conference Date: Saturday, October 17, 2015

Newly Renovated Ladner United Church
Special thanks to Ladner United Church for donating the use of their beautiful conference facility.
Located in the heart of historic Ladner Village in Delta, British Columbia
View on Google Maps
Saturday, October 17, 2015
Check in starts at 8:30 am
Please arrive before 9:00 am
9:00 am to 2:30 pm for the Conference - WILL PROCEED AS SCHEDULED
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm for the Market - CANCELLED

NEW FORMAT includes:

  • Working with Laura all day in a blend of workshops, lectures, and writing sessions from 9 am to 2:30 pm.
  • A much lower cost of $35 per writer ($26.25 for members)
  • Registration and payment by Credit/Debit will be through the LTC storeCash and cheque payment options are available by emailing Laura at laura@laurathomascommunications.com.
  • There will be an optional Junior Authors Market from 3 – 5 pm which will be open to the public. Tables will available for a $10 fee ($7.50 for members) and writers keep all the money from their sales. The market will be advertised. If you have a vendor table you can sell your work. If you do not have a vendor table, you can shop, but you cannot sell your work.
  • All conference attendees are encouraged to try the market experience and sign up for a vendor table. This is a unique opportunity for young writers to gain valuable sales experience (something writers need to have!) and introduce themselves to new fans. You don’t need to have traditionally published material to sell. You can make photocopies of any of your work to sell.
  • We will have a theme for the day. This time it’s GET PUBLISHED!
  • A special conference fiction contest. Details and the writing prompt will be sent to registrants on October 13th. The prompt has been emailed. Check your inbox!
  • Door prizes.
  • Bring your own writing materials.
  • Bring your own lunch, but Laura will provide some homemade goodies for snacks.
  • Still open to writers between the ages of 9 and 21, but writers will workshop in small groups by age for part of the day.

 TOPICS Laura will cover include:

  • editing basic and guidelines
  • self-pub v. traditional pub
  • marketing basics for writers
  • productivity and goal setting
  • amateur v. professional writers and where the jobs are in creative writing, marketing and communications
  • introduction to copyright and selling/optioning your work to publishers or film makers


  • Vendor tables cost $10.
  • Vendor tables are not sold separately from conference tickets. Only conference participants may purchase a vendor table.
  • The market is open to the public and there is no admission fee for shoppers.
  • What can you sell? Your self-published books, good quality photocopies of your poetry, essays, short stories, etc. Anything you have written and that is ready for readers! However, your work must be your own and you must have the right to sell it (as in you have not sold the rights to anyone else or a company). You cannot sell literature written by other authors. You cannot sell artwork or other crafts, only your writing.
  • When you purchase your conference ticket and vendor table, you will receive an information sheet with suggestions on what to bring to the market, what you cannot sell, and suggested prices for unpublished or self-published poems, stories, novels, etc.


Registration and payment (via Pay Pal) for the conference and the market is available in the LTC store. Seating for the conference and tables for the market are limited. If you wish to pay by cash or cheque, please email Laura at laura@laurathomascommunications.com.

DISCOUNTS for Members

If you would like to take advantage of the member rates, you must sign up for a an LTC Insider Plus+ membership and receive a personal 25% discount code before purchasing a conference ticket with or without a vendor’s table.

Refund Policy
Refunds must be requested in writing to laura@laurathomascommunications.com
Before October 15th – Amount paid less 25% administration fee
After October 15th – Non-refundable


For more information about the 2015 Junior Authors Writers Conference & Market, please contact Laura at laura@laurathomascommunications.com or leave a comment below.



87 comments on “Junior Authors Writers Conference & Market Canada

  1. Azzi

    Can the rest of my family come too? They can pay the regular ticket price.

    • Hi Azzi. Any family member who is between the age of 9 and 21 years old can attend the conference and purchase a vendor table. Other family members may not attend the conference but they can certainly come and be part of the market from 3 – 5. The market is open to the public and there is no entry fee. If your parents would like more information, please have them call me or email me directly. My contact info.

  2. Maia

    Hi Laura, do you ever plan on hosting a conference in the USA?

    • Hi Maia. I would love to. The challenge has been deciding which city to go to first. American writers are the biggest group of LTC website visitors and JA contest participants, and they represent almost every state. I feel like I would have to do a tour and visit several cities over the course of a month. But as a mom…I’m not available for that sort of thing, yet. However, if a large group of young writers (say 75 – 100 writers) get together and organize a day and venue, I will try to host a conference in their city.

      • Maia

        Cool, I know a couple of young writers that have writer friends. I’ll talk to them.

        • Maia

          I’m serious, I’ll contact you when I collect enough writers.

          • Hi Maia :-)

            Here is what I will need from your group:

            1) The city.
            2) The venue you believe would host us. It needs to be a donated space or very affordable, and if there is a fee, I need to know the cost for the rental for the day.
            3) Some dates you have in mind. At this moment, I could still do something in 2015, but more realistically, I’m currently booking for 2016.
            4) How many writers you have.

            You can use the format for the 2015 Canadian fall conference as a guideline. Assuming the venue works, we would have the conference and the market. Depending on how far I have to travel, I may have to charge slightly more for the tickets. Feel free to email me with your questions, etc. any time.

  3. Aliesha

    Dear Laura,
    I believe you have many connections now that India is one of the top participating countries in your contests. Please let us know your plans, we would to hear from you. :DO
    Happy Halloween!

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Aliesha. Happy Halloween!

  4. Angela Malmberg

    Hi Laura,
    I am checking out the details of your conference for my daughter but can’t get the links to Albany Books, Delta School District, etc. to work for info on the scholarships.

    Any advice?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Angela. I administer the scholarships. If you scroll down to just below the speaker and workshop info you will see the info about how to apply. You have until September 30th.

  5. Sandra W

    My daughter, who is 18, has always loved writing but has recently really become passionate about it. As she is just starting university, we can’t really send her to BC for the conference. Are you planning anything like this in Ontario?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Sandra. I am not currently planning to add any additional conferences in Canadian cities. The Richmond conference is our annual Canadian event.

      • Rebekah

        It would be amazing if someday Ontario was an option!

  6. Hailey

    Hi Laura,
    I am considering attending this conference. Unfortunately, I can’t register anytime soon because I’ve no way to pay for it. When would be the latest that I could still buy a ticket?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Hailey. Tickets are available until they sell out. We have a limited number of seats and they go on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s hard to predict how quickly tickets will sell.

      • Hailey

        I see. Thank you.

  7. Lilia

    Is this an annual event held in Richmond, BC or is the location always changing? My daughter loves to write (and read!), but she is only 8. Would love to know that she might be able to attend a future event like this.

    • Hi Lilia. The Richmond Conference is going to be an annual event. I have tentatively booked October 18th, 2014 at the same hotel. Every year we are going to add more cities and countries, but once we are established in a location we will keep coming back.

      • Lilia

        Thanks Laura. We look forward to attending next year then. I know my daughter will love it.

        • Super. Early bird tickets will go on sale in the spring.

  8. Evie

    Hi Laura!!!

    I am so excited, I am a finalist!!!! Anyways, I was wondering if parents have to pay as well, or only the participants. Also, do the parents have to leave during the conference?


    • Hi Evie. Your parents can drop you off in the morning. They are welcome to come back at 4:45 pm for the parent workshop. It is free for them. Or they can pick you up at 6 pm.

      • Evie

        Ok thanks!!

  9. Ravi Teja Tadimalla

    Oh okay. And so happy to hear about the introduction of Jr Authors Conference in India. I presently stay in the city of Chennai, and hence it would be great if the conference is held here.

  10. Ravi Teja Tadimalla

    I am from India. Can I apply for the scholarship, and if short story is selected as the winning entry, will I be able to come and attend the conference? Does the scholarship take care of the travel expenses from India to Canada? And can I apply for the scholarship; or my parents should apply?

    • Hi Ravi. As it states above, travel expenses are not included. It would not make sense for you to apply because if you can afford to fly from India to Canada, certainly you can afford to pay $89 CAD for your ticket. Please note that I will be brining the Jr Authors Conference to India in the future. Possibly in 2015. Is there a city you would like to recommend?

      • Smriti Verma

        Hello Laura,
        I am a young author living in India as well and am glad to hear that you would be bringing the conference to India. I would love to help, if possible. :) I think the conference should take place in the main cities of the country, such as, New Delhi, Chennai, or Bangalore.

        • Laura Thomas

          Hi Smriti. Great. I need to make some connections there!

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