LTC Calendar of Deadlines and Events

Updated Regularly


Weekly: Mondays at midnight – Deadline for weekly writing challenge for Insider Plus+ Members
Monthly on the 15th:  jaBlog! Submission Deadline
Monthly on the 16th: New fiction and drama prompts are posted



4th – Opening date for the 3rd International Junior Authors Poetry Contest

1st – Deadline to enter the Polly Workbook #5 giveaway

31st – Deadline to enter 3rd International Junior Authors Poetry Contest

29th – Finalists announced for the 3rd International Junior Authors Poetry Contest

27th – Winners announced for the 3rd International Junior Authors Poetry Contest



10 comments on “LTC Calendar of Deadlines and Events

  1. Sana

    Sorry to bother you but I noticed that it reads Poetry Contest feedback both in March and September.
    I think in September it was supposed to say Feedback for Junior Authors Short Story Contest?

  2. Gabriela van Bergen

    Hi Laura,
    I participated in the short story competition and payed for the feed back option. I have not received yet your comments (and I am very much looking forward to them). When will you be sending them? Thank you! Gabriela

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Gabriela. I should have all the feedback done by November 7th. Each one takes time! :-)

  3. Hi Laura, I’m not sure this is the proper forum to ask but my question is, I’m American and I’d like to purchase a membership to be an LTC insider/member when when they go on sale, but how should I go about paying you with American money?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Tiffany. Like all the items in our store, the system uses Pay Pal to process payments. You don’t have to have an account with Pay Pal and you can pay with a credit card in any currency you like. The credit card company does the conversion for you. $29 CAD works out to less than $29 in USD. Your dollar is stronger than ours at the moment.

  4. Pam Cook

    We just purchased the feedback option for my daughter’s story using my paypal account, but we submitted her story with her email address, instead of mine. Will the feedback option still work, and how do you know which story goes with the feedback option we purchased?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Pam. Not to worry. Everything came through together. I have noted that you have paid for feedback for her entry.

  5. Rhiannon

    Hi! There’s an event in Australia called Book Week. It celebrates children’s literature and encourages reading. It’s in August in 2014

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