Fan Fiction

Write a vamperwolf story OR submit a story based on any aspect of the novel, Polly Wants to Be a Writer


by Natasha Graves

by Natasha Graves

We accept fan fiction any time and all the time.

For the fan fiction challenge outlined in the novel, follow the guidelines on page page 210 (see below). You will also need pages 152 and 153.

Short stories that are revised, polished, and proofread will be published quickly on jaBlogand Laura will email the link to you. If your story is not quite ready for publication Laura will send you some feedback to help you with your revisions.

If you have a piece of digital art that you made to go along with your story, or any other Polly-themed artwork that you would like to share, please email that to us too. We would love to publish it on jaBlog!

Submit your work to Be sure to tell us your name, age, and country.

Read Fan Fiction

“How I Became a Vamperwolf” by Taha Hussain of India

“How I Became a Vamperwolf” by Journey Meyerhoff of Canada

“How I Became a Vamperwolf” by Sylvia Nica of the USA

“Vampire Hallucinations” by Mia Martins of the USA

“The Wolf Within” by Ian Sifton of Canada

“How I Became a Vamperwolf” by Lucy Zhang of the USA

“Friends with a Vamperwolf” by Lindsay Warner of the UK

“How I Became a Vamperwolf” by Cathy Yan of Canada

“How I Became a Vamperwolf” by Katie King of Australia

“How I Became a Vamperwolf” by Erin Harvey of the USA


Polly Challenge

Worldwide Release October 2013

Available in paperback and eBook at your favourite bookstore.



18 comments on “Fan Fiction

  1. Taha Hussain


    Is there a need of illustrations from us too?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Taha. Only if you enjoy doing illustrations. Otherwise Katie King, our artwork coordinator, will do a piece to go along with your story.

  2. Akshta

    How is the ppetry contest going?

    • It seems to be popular so far. Lots of entries.

      • Akshta

        That’s great! :)
        s it first time to be held? Or was it held before? Are you judging it right now or will you start judging it after the last deadline finishes.

        • Hi Akshta. Yes it’s our first time doing a poetry contest and judging does not start until the contest closes.

  3. Akshta

    When are the details coming?

    • Hi Akshta. The details are in the afterword of the novel. When it is available for sale, I will release the details.

      • Akshta

        Thanks Laura. Could you tell me some ways, peferably online, to meet other young authors of my age. I don’t find many in my social area who are as eager as me to opt for writing in thier career.

        • Hi Akshta. I don’t have an answer for you, but I can tell you that we are working on creating something like for young writers. :-)

          • Akshta

            Just you inspiration! :)

          • Akshta

            Thanks Laura. That would be great!

          • Hey Laura. I’d love to join in. Please let me know about it. When is it going to start? What all would it be about?

          • Hi Akshta. You can start any time. The book is now available.

          • Hey Laura. I’d love to join that too. Well, I was asking about communicating with other young writers.

          • Hi Akshta. I don’t have a forum set up for the Polly Fan Fiction Writing Challenge, but you will be able to read stories written by other fans and leave comments.



  5. Akshta

    Seems Interesting :) . Waiting for details. Really excited!

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