Books by Laura Michelle Thomas


Polly Wants to Be a Writer CoverPolly Wants to Be a Writer: The Junior Authors Guide to Writing and Getting Published
Young Adult Fiction
Urban Fantasy Adventure & Fiction Writing Guide
Friesen Press 2013
232 Pages
Paperback ISBN 978-1-4602-2819-7
eBook ISBN 978-1-4602-2820-3

Available through all major booksellers in paperback and eBook.
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The Naked Storyteller
Fiction / Humorous – Satire
Friesen Press 2014
Paperback ISBN 978-1-4602-4620-7

Only available in paperback through Laura.
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Polly Wants to Be Writer Workbooks

Available for download exclusively in the LTC store.

Polly Writing Workbooks by Laura Michelle Thomas

Myth: Writing talent is developed by simply writing. Fact: Writing talent is developed through coaching and study. That’s why I created these workbooks as practical training guides with information to study, exercises to do, plus checklists and advice to keep you on track. – Laura


Workbook 1: Write a Short Story
Six easy steps with tips and worksheets included
View table of contents

Workbook 2: Write an Essay
The smart way to write non-fiction
View table of contents

Workbook 3: Write a Poem
From idea to submission
View table of contents

Workbook 4: Write a Novel
How to write and finish your novel
View table of contents

Workbook 5: Get Published
Covers traditional and self-publishing
View Table of Contents



77 comments on “Books by Laura Michelle Thomas

  1. Akshta

    How long is the book? How many pages does it have?

    • It’s currently at 216 pages and almost ready to go to press.

  2. Akshta

    Seems a great book. I’m definitely buying it. :)

  3. Nate

    Please release an extract! Would love to know more.

    • Hi Nate. I will be releasing an excerpt to the writers on my Insider Mailing List in early October.

  4. Bishal Mukhopadhyay

    Mam…will u give me participation certificate with ur sign…that i could show my friends.

    • Hi Bishal. The winners in each age group will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

  5. Bishal Mukhopadhyay

    Thanx Mam… When i will get my feedback?

    • Hi Bishal. I will be sending feedback shortly after the winners are announced on October 19th. I hope to have everyone done by November 1st.

  6. Bishal Mukhopadhyay

    Mam.. I mean to say…u received 5-6 thousand stories from whole world from those stories in my catagory which rank i have achieved? Is it possible to know?

    • Hi Bishal. With the feedback option, you find out your score and get some notes on how to improve. But only the top writers who win prizes know their rank.

  7. Bishal Mukhopadhyay

    Mam, how can i understand my worldwide rank?

    • Hi Bishal. Can you please explain what you mean?

  8. Duha

    Hi Laura, I just finished writing my story, and while reading the other stories, I found out that mine is typed in bigger text than the others.
    All the other winning stories have a smaller text, nome of them have the same as mine.
    I’m really worried because my plot is really interesting and most people like my story. Plus, it took a long time to write.
    My font is 18. Is that too big? Will the judges turn it down because of that?

    • Hi Duha. It’s okay. We understand that you are all still learning.

  9. Aparna

    Hi Mrs. Thomas, I had a few questions about being a published author. How many years does it take to write a small chapter book? How do you get the book published (How do you find a publisher that is willing to publish your book)? Do you have to hire someone to illustrate the cover? Thanks, it would be great to get feedback from an amazing author!

    • Hi Arparna. How long it takes depends on your skill level and how much research you have to do. When you book is done you can shop it around to publishers or try self-publishing (if you are a good sales person). They are very different ways to go. Please stay tuned for a blog article that I’m going to write about publishing.

  10. Hello Laura, your book looks fun and interesting. You say international publication, does this mean multiple languages? I am 6 and know 3 languages (English, Russian and Ukrainian) but am best in Russian for reading.
    Papa says I am very creative and should write, I am still learning my alphabets though :-)

    • Hi Angelina. Thank you. At this time international means that the book will be available in distribution channels worldwide. I don’t have plans to translate it at the moment, but if it is successful and there are requests to do so, we will. Keep working on your alphabet and I will look for you to enter the Junior Authors Contest in 2015. I don’t mind if 8 year olds enter. :-)

      • Thank you Laura, Papa can help me read it in English. I will get more practice :-)
        We only do a little English in school, main is Ukrainian.
        Where will you announce your book release?

        • Very good! I will announce it on my website and through my mailing list. Are you on that list? If not, please subscribe on this page. Go to the top of the panel on the right side and enter your email address.

          • I tried to sign up, Papa said use gmail not site as gmail should get it but the site might filter it. I did not get a confirmation email on the gmail account either though.
            I have you site in my favorites and liked in facebook and twitter so I will see any announcement you make :-)

          • It’s ok, it came about 10 minutes later, all signed up!

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