Books by Laura Michelle Thomas


Polly Wants to Be a Writer CoverPolly Wants to Be a Writer: The Junior Authors Guide to Writing and Getting Published
Young Adult Fiction
Urban Fantasy Adventure & Fiction Writing Guide
Friesen Press 2013
232 Pages
Paperback ISBN 978-1-4602-2819-7
eBook ISBN 978-1-4602-2820-3

Available through all major booksellers in paperback and eBook.
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The Naked Storyteller
Fiction / Humorous – Satire
Friesen Press 2014
Paperback ISBN 978-1-4602-4620-7

Only available in paperback through Laura.
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Polly Wants to Be Writer Workbooks

Available for download exclusively in the LTC store.

Polly Writing Workbooks by Laura Michelle Thomas

Myth: Writing talent is developed by simply writing. Fact: Writing talent is developed through coaching and study. That’s why I created these workbooks as practical training guides with information to study, exercises to do, plus checklists and advice to keep you on track. – Laura


Workbook 1: Write a Short Story
Six easy steps with tips and worksheets included
View table of contents

Workbook 2: Write an Essay
The smart way to write non-fiction
View table of contents

Workbook 3: Write a Poem
From idea to submission
View table of contents

Workbook 4: Write a Novel
How to write and finish your novel
View table of contents

Workbook 5: Get Published
Covers traditional and self-publishing
View Table of Contents



77 comments on “Books by Laura Michelle Thomas

  1. Mohamed Nour

    Hi mrs. Laura,
    Where can I found the names of the finalists of the 8th international jonior authors short story contest in 6th of August… and how the finalists know that they won the first level, so can you help me please to answer me..
    Thanks alot, hoping for you a good day.

    • Hi Mohamed. The names of the finalists will be published on this website on August 7th.

  2. pm

    who’s won the Laura Thomas Polly wants to be a writer- write a novel give away???

  3. Clara Diaz

    Agent Story: Tales frim the briefcase. Is this a book written by you? :D

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Clara. That is a CD of original stories I made a long time ago.

  4. Zuha

    Hey Laura, I am an LTC insider and for your contest is it alright if I not email my submission as PDF or doc? Just type it plain out in the message box? I use an iPad and I can’t upload anything through it.

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Zuha. I’m not sure which contest you mean. Do you mean the Friday giveaway? Those are best sent as emails.

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