Book Review: The Other Lizzi Faith

by Valerie Flokstra, Book Reviewer for jaBlog!


The Other Lizzi Faith jaBlog!Can’t-put-it-down amazing is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of The Other Lizzi Faith.

Fifteen-year-old Brooke Ross definitely knows how to tell a sensational story. Her novel cleverly mixes romance and drama with sword fights and danger. And then it throws in fantasy, curses, self-sacrifice and sinister schemes. And don’t forget handsome knights charging to the rescue in the nick of time! If you’re a teenage girl who knows that dreams can come true then The Other Lizzi Faith is a book I highly recommend.

Brooke’s novel stars Lizzi Faith, or Lizzidon Faithful, as she finds out her real name is. After a lifetime of being teased for her strange grey eyes, Lizzi finds out she’s from another world, a world full of dangerous monsters ruled by an evil king, a world where every human lives in mortal danger and fear. And Lizzi might be the only one who can break the king’s curse.

With the help of some brave and handsome knights Lizzi embarks on a quest to find what’s needed to end the tyranny. The story intertwines scenes of romance, danger, and selflessness to come to a poignant but unexpected climax.

The Other Lizzi Faith by Brooke Ross is a quick but exciting read at 28,000 words. It’s only $2.99US as an ebook on Amazon.

But make sure you start the book on a day when you have lots of time. You won’t be able to put the book down until it’s over!



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