Book Review: Story Time for Kids by Sadaf Tausif

by Valerie Flokstra, jaBlog! Book Review Editor


Book Review: Story Time - jaBlog!Fourteen-year-old Sadaf Tausif from Pakistan is the published author of Story Time for Kids, a captivating book of short stories. Although this book is geared toward young children, I thoroughly enjoyed reading each story.

Readers will find themselves diving for a few minutes at a time into over a dozen unique, strange, scary, and exciting worlds. A girl buys some seeds which grow into a very surprising and magical type of flower. Stolen crown jewels find themselves on a long journey passing from hand to thieving hand. A group of students find themselves travelling back in time to the Stone Age. There is such a wide variety of diverse topics that the reader is guaranteed to find each story fresh, creative, and unexpected.

A collection of short stories makes for an excellent book and is a superb project for a young writer to take on. Writing a novel is a huge project. It involves complicated ideas, ranging plot lines, and thousands of words that have to flow together, make sense, and captivate a reader for hundreds of pages. Short stories are much more brief and equally good writing practice.

If you’ve always wanted to write a book but find novel writing to be too arduous and challenging a task, try compiling a collection of short stories. If you write just one per month, you’ll have enough for a decent book after only a year! Sadaf’s book can be purchased for just $6 USD on Amazon.

Congratulations to Sadaf for publishing this wonderful collection of stories. Keep up the good work!



2 comments on “Book Review: Story Time for Kids by Sadaf Tausif

  1. Sadaf Tausif

    Dear Laura,
    Thank you so much for this huge encouragement. I am so grateful to you and Valerie for publishing this review on jaBlog. This website is certainly wonderful for junior authors. Although this book was published when I was 14, it was written over a span of three years, so that a few of the stories, like ‘A Precious Curse’ , were written when I was 11. My advice to young writers is to keep on writing and one day, they will find it easy to get published.
    Many, many thanks,

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Sadaf. We encourage you to keep going and look forward to reviewing your next book!

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