Book Review: Pearls Among Stones by Christena AV Williams

by Valerie Flokstra, Book Review Editor jaBlog!


Book Review: Pearls Among Stones - jablog!The 2nd Annual International Junior Authors Poetry Contest is officially open. Are you ready to submit the best poem you’ve ever written?

In honour of this momentous writing competition, I would like to recommend Pearls Among Stones, a book of poems by tewnty-one-year-old author Christena AV Williams. This collection of poems covers a wide variety of topics, cleverly combining science, love, religion, social issues, and even Reggae and celebrities. Each poem is alive with passion, creativity, and uniqueness.

The author’s biography in the first few pages of the book also tells a story of its own. Christena is Jamaican. Despite a childhood with some difficult experiences, she excelled at writing from a young age. It didn’t take long for her to realize that that among the many branches of writing, poetry was most definitely her forte. Hesitantly reading a poem in front of her classmates led her toward the confidence to write regularly for a newspaper and finally compile and publish her first book. This 110 page collection of emotional, amusing, and heart-wrenching poetry can be bought for just $5.99 online.

I can’t stress enough that one of the best ways to become a better writer is to read. Christena wisely mentioned in her author introduction that one of the first things she did when she discovered her passion for writing poetry was to study the works of other poets. Some of her favourites include Maya Angeleou, Emily Dickinson, and Jamaican poet Louise Bennet.

If you want your poem to impress judges of the Junior Authors Poetry Contest, I’d suggest you start reading poetry by other authors. Doing that will sharpen your skills and hopefully stimulate your creativity.

Keep writing, keep reading, and have fun dazzling others with your writing!




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  1. Valerie Flokstra

    You’re welcome! I was glad for the opportunity to read your book!

  2. Thank you for the review

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