Book Review: Paralyzed Dreams

by Valerie Flokstra, jaBlog! Book Reviewer


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Paralyzed Dreams is the story of Pam, a fourteen-year-old teen, whose life revolves around the dream of playing Olympic volleyball.

Pam and her best friend Lauren make great team. They can beat almost any beach volleyball duo, but they always make sure that they are kind to their opponents, no matter what. Then everything changes without warning.

One moment Pam is driving home from volleyball practice with her mom. The next thing she knows, she is in a hospital and her legs are paralyzed. That means no more walking, no more volleyball. In Pam’s mind, it is God’s fault, and she is angry. Will she ever be able to dream again? Or will she be stuck in misery forever?

Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out!

American teen author, C.B. Cook, wrote this 55-page contemporary Christian story to inspire young readers and encourage them to follow their dreams, even when those dreams have to change. This novella is a quick read and well worth every page.

Paralyzed Dreams is a Kindle book available on for just $0.99. It was self-published by the author, who is an active member of the LTC community and was a finalist in the 2014 Junior Authors Poetry Contest. Congratulations, C.B. Cook!



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