Book Review: Only for You by Tista Ray

by Valerie Flokstra, jaBlog! Book Review Editor


Book Review: Only for You By Tista RayWhat’s a guy supposed to do if he loves two girls at the same time? Young author Tista Ray explores this dilemma in her exciting novel, Only for You.

Readers of this fictional romance will find themselves inside the mind of Edward, a typical teenager who gets himself caught in a very difficult situation: he loves two girls at the same time, but in different ways. He must make some very challenging decisions as he figures out for himself the answer to many different questions. What is more important, love or friendship? Lifelong relationships or brand new ones?

No matter what Edward decides, hearts will be broken, and possibly even his own as well. Will Edward have any friends at all when the drama slows down? Or will he be forever lonely and loveless?

These questions raced through my mind as I read this book. Each choice that Edward makes has different consequences, and I was curious as to how it could possibly get sorted out by the end of the novel. Hopefully you’re curious, too, by now.

Only for You is Tista Ray’s second published novel, and in my opinion it surpasses her first, Melancholic Delight. Not only is this an exciting book to read, but it’s also a fantastic way to support a fellow young writer.

I strongly encourage all you writers to take heart from this. It’s not always easy to be a young writer but being published is possible. So keep writing, keep revising, keep at it! I can’t wait to review the next published book by one of you!



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