Book Review: Isabelle of Cerebellum

by Valerie Flokstra, Book Review Editor jaBlog!


Isabelle of Cerebellum jaBlog!Are you interested in books that you can’t stop reading? Then Mariel Ortega’s Isabelle of Cerebellum (KidPub, 2014) is definitely a fantasy novel you should try.

Protagonist Isabelle is a forgotten princess who finds out she is the only one who can save the kingdom of Cerebellum. And twisting through the main objective of liberating the kingdom is one of the most difficult decisions a girl can make: who to choose when two amazing guys have fallen in love with you.

With the help of her step-brother and several loyal knights, Isabelle bravely takes on her quest to defeat her evil uncle and the ghouls he has unleashed throughout the kingdom. She encounters trials, dangers, and dilemmas nonstop throughout every section of the book. The big questions: will she succeed? And who will she choose to love?

Fifteen-year-old Mariel Ortega has been writing for years. She began this exciting story in her early years of middle school, and even managed to convince a classmate to create some illustrations. Then followed an extensive three years of edits and revisions. I was definitely thrilled to be able to read the finished product! My first day of reading I got through twenty pages. The second day I finished the book. I had to know how it would end!

Keep up the fantastic writing Mariel! I would love to review another book by you any day!
And for all you young authors with ideas just waiting to get onto paper, keep working on it. I have confidence that someday you’ll have a published book for review as well!



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