Book Review: Forever Green by Anne Lu

by Tegwyn Hughes, jaBlog! Blogger & Book Reviewer


jaBlog Book Review: Forver GreenForever Green is a 118-page book written by Anne Lu, a sixteen-year-old from Canada. The story centres around a high-school student named Kore Luq who lives in a futuristic British Columbia. In this science-fiction version of the Canadian province, people can only go outside wearing special breathing devices because pollution has become so bad that you can die without protection.

Kore is a member of her school’s environmental club who competes in the Environmental Mind Grind, a competition of scientific knowledge that schools from all over the country participate in. When Kore’s team finds itself in the finals again Royal Gray Academy, it is announced that both teams will have the chance to spend their summer vacation in the Lynn Canyon Rainforest, the last temperate rainforest on the planet–the very same forest that is about to be clearcut. Kore and her rivals must join together in order to preserve this dwindling green space.

I found that once I had picked up this book, it was very hard to put down. Anne really knows how to write an action-packed and fast-paced narrative. When Kore Luq was at some of the Mind Grind competitions, I could feel her nervousness and excitement, and I would get nervous and excited too.

The book also made me want to put more effort into our real-world environment. Seeing how, in the future, the beautiful rainforests of British Columbia could be reduced to nothing had me realizing that we can’t let pollution get to that point. Especially not by clear-cutting away all of our forests. I’m not really looking forward to a world where I can’t even breathe without having to wear a special mask.

My favourite character would have to be Dimitri Keller, a member of the Royal Gray Academy’s team. He’s an incredibly good friend, and is really passionate about the planet. It was also extremely cute to see his relationship with Kore develop throughout the book.

Even if you think environmental topics are boring, I would highly recommend that you read Forever Green. Anne Lu has a way of teaching you real-world facts about the planet without making the story feel like a textbook.

This book is the perfect read for kids ages 10-19, but it has a great mix of excitement, description, and romance that appeals to all age groups.

Forever Green is available in eBook on Amazon.



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  1. This is a really well-written review. I will be looking for this book the next time I go to a bookstore. Thanks for the recommendation!

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