Book Review: Echoes of the Past by Sylvia Nica

by Tegwyn Hughes, jaBlog! Blogger & Book Reviewer


Echoes of the Past Sylvia Nica jaBlog!Echoes of the Past is a stunning novel written by Sylvia Nica, a thirteen-year-old from the United States. The book centres around the adventures of a girl named Julia Interglow, a prodigal who has been left at an orphanage while her parents, an actress and surgeon, travel through China. When her parents are killed in a tragic bullet train crash, Julia takes charge of her own destiny and creates a time machine; she is determined to go back in time. When she lands herself in the pioneer ages with a broken time travel machine and an evil man trying to capture her, Julia must use her wits, and her new family, to get home in one piece.

The book, which is an impressive 270 pages, is incredibly detailed. I found it easy to understand exactly what was going on, thanks to Sylvia’s descriptions. Here’s an example from the beginning of the book:

“The snow had finally stopped, but it had smothered the grass with five inches to spare. Already, snowplows were thundering their way angrily down the streets, and salt trucks spread glistening white grains along the roads.”

As you can see, Sylvia pays attention to every little aspect of her novel. Even when action, conflict, and time travel complicate the story, you can easily follow along, thanks to the details.

I also adore the main character, Julia. She is well developed, with personality traits that are consistent and make her likeable. Julia is curious, intelligent, and pessimistic, though we are able to see her development from a sad girl to a happy one by the end of the book. Julia is a perfect role model for young girls who want to build, travel, or simply take charge of their lives.

Sylvia Nica is a role model equal to her protagonist. To have written a book of this length at the age of thirteen is an amazing feat, not to mention the fact that her book is well developed, detailed, and, above all, fun to read. I can’t wait to see what else this young author has in store for us!

Echoes of the Past, can be purchased on Amazon. I would recommend it for kids aged eight to thirteen, but it is can amazing read no matter how old you are. I love it!



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