Book Review: A Sparkly Butterfly for Cinnamon

by Valerie Flokstra, Book Review Editor jaBlog!


A Sparkly Butterfly for Cinnamon jaBlog!Cinnamon and her fellow pussy cats go for flying lessons. They look for a beautiful butterfly but find out it is lost. After a perilous adventure involving boats and a waterfall, will they find the butterfly? Or will they get hurt trying?

Nine year old author Bridget Stewart turned a cute and imaginative short story into a 20 page children’s book just by increasing the font size adding her own illustrations. It’s a wonderful idea, and I wish I’d thought of it years ago.

It’s easy to get drawn into the idea that you have to write a full length novel to publish a book. But you don’t! If you’re not ready to write a full length novel, try a children’s story. It only takes some formatting and drawings and then voila! You’ll have a piece of writing ready to be shared with a lot of people.

Children love stories (and I’ll admit that at 18 years old I still do!). So I hope to be able to read some published stories by some of you soon. Way to go Bridget, and thank you for sharing your wonderful book.

A Sparkly Butterfly for Cinnamon can be purchased online at



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