Do You Dream of Becoming a Writer?

by Sacha Gill, Age 17, England


Despite various pressures to become a doctor or a lawyer and to pursue a proper career path, which I’m sure many of you can relate to, I’ve always found that writing is my true passion. I started writing when I was 14 years old, although I never really realized I was doing it. Whenever I found life particularly difficult, I would open my notepad, pick up a pen and write song lyrics. It was only at the age of about 16 that I realized writing was more than just a coping mechanism; it was an escape. It allowed me to create my own world, one which I quickly fell in love with.

The other thing I love about writing is that you can turn it into anything you want it to be. Words can represent your life, your opinion or even be used to change the world. To me, letters, words and punctuation marks represent people.

Full stops, commas, similes, metaphors – every one of these literary devices represents a type of person. Full stops are the negative people in your life that are always putting an end to your dreams, people that you should really wave goodbye to.

Commas are those people that face struggles, but manage to make it through the rough patches, keep calm and carry on. Similes are the people who don’t really have their own identity, who have a particular fondness of copying other people, so that they can blend in to the crowd. Metaphors are the people who pretend to be something they’re not, to make themselves feel better about their lives.

Finally, capital letters – the people that aren’t afraid to chase their dreams or stand out from the crowd. I guess you could liken writers to capital letters. I suppose that’s why I love my craft, and why I am going to follow my dream of becoming a writer.


Sascha Gill is a 17 year old writer from England. Sascha says, “I began writing in my early teen years and it provides me with an amazing sense of both escapism and achievement. My ultimate dream is to make my passion for writing into a career.”


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