Sylvia is a writer looking to expand her craft in nonfiction articles and short stories, as well as fine-tune her novel writing. Having placed in several writing contests, including a regional gold key for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, she divides her time between fiction writing and blogging.

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Four Lessons I Learned From Blogging

by Sylvia Nica, jaBlog! Blogger   If you write, the term blog has probably popped up before, and if you follow Laura Thomas Communications, you may have even submitted to jaBlog! Since blogs usually focus on a niche, like-minded people read and follow them, providing a solid audience for your writing. This is the reason...
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Using Weather Symbols in Fiction

Post and Artwork by Sylvia Nica, Age 14, USA   Symbols. They may bring back memories of boring literature lectures, but they can be a great way to add meaning and depth to your writing. Like clues scattered around you writing, symbols can hint to your reader the meaning of an event or alter the...
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