Sylvia is a writer looking to expand her craft in nonfiction articles and short stories, as well as fine-tune her novel writing. Having placed in several writing contests, including a regional gold key for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, she divides her time between fiction writing and blogging.

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Two Simple Words: “thank you”

by Sylvia Nica, jaBlog! Blogger   I still remember the first time I stumbled upon Laura Thomas Communications. I was sitting, crushed, on the carpet after finding out that one of my stories had been rejected for publication. Again. My mom, seeing my dejected form on the floor, handed me a paper. “It’s the rules...
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How to Stay Focused on Writing in an Attention Economy

by Sylvia Nica, jaBlog! Blogger   We live in what has been called an “attention economy.” In today’s world, there are more distractions than ever. TV, the easy access of the internet, and social media are all constantly pulling at our attention. With all these distractions around, how do you stay focused while writing? Turn off...
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Sparkling Clean Writing: How to Revise Fiction

by Sylvia Nica, jaBlog! Blogger   Until a few months ago, I had never fully revised my fiction. I would take my draft, scribble it up, and then send it off to some random contest. However, after getting multiple rejections from publications, I developed a five-step filter system for revising any fiction prose. Just like...
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