Sierra Ret is an enthusiastic homeschool student with an insatiable love for reading and story telling. She divides her time between writing stories for competitions and producing nonfiction for jaBlog! and other freelance assignments. Sierra is the winner of the 2015 Polly Prize for Creative Writing.

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Freelance Writing: The Wealth of Upwork (part 1)

by Sierra Ret, Age 17, Canada   Probably the most frustrating obstacle facing modern young authors is the struggle to make their writing profitable. There are more avenues than ever to get your work published and read–fanfiction sites, blogging, and short story contests are just a few examples–but these formats rarely end up providing any...
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Five Tips for Capturing Your Writing Ideas

Post and Artwork by Sierra Ret, Age 17, Canada   One of the most universal traits of writers is our ability to find inspiration anywhere. A faded black and white photo, a particularly gorgeous fall landscape, or a conversation overheard at a restaurant are all capable of igniting the creative fire burning within us. But,...
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