Sana fell in love with writing creative fiction in first grade and has over time developed an interest in other areas such as poetry and nonfiction. She enjoys writing short works competitively to hone her abilities as well as working on her own fantasy novel. In her free time, Sana loves volunteering regularly, doing Tae Kwon Do, and spending time with her friends and family.

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The Art of Responding to a Writing Prompt

by Sana Hameed, jaBlog! Fiction Editor   Question from a jaBlog! reader: “I would like to know how to understand and interpret poetry prompts in a broad and wide-ranging manner instead of just sticking to the wording of the prompt.” When you first read a writing prompt a unique idea may or may not immediately...
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June Fiction: Crossroads (a poem)

by Sana Hameed, Age 15, USA Artwork by Lucy Zhang The fiction prompt for June was “sidewalks.”   Crossroads Meet me at the intersection, The crossroads of a decision. This sidewalk we have walked since the beginning of time, It has not aged well. It is colourless, the periphery lacking the brilliant vibrancy of life once...
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