Cathy Yan is an eleventh grade student from Canada who enjoys reading, writing, and volunteering at the local community centre. In addition to being the Social Media Assistant at Laura Thomas Communication, she is also the vice-president of her school's newspaper club, and the Global Village and Adventures editor for Amazing Kids! Online Magazine. She was a finalist in the 2014 Junior Author's Short Story Contest, and in the Poetic Power Essay Contest for the Summer quarter of 2014.

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Setting Strategic Writing Goals for the New Year

by Cathy Yan, Creative Non-fiction Editor   As another year closes and a new one begins, the motivation to write have already seeped out of you. NaNoWriMo is long gone with varying degrees of success, all rough drafts in different stages of completion are saved, and there is nothing left to do except wait for the New...
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Creative Non-fiction: Four Little Words

by Kayla Markham, Age 14, Australia Artwork by Lucy Zhang   Only four words long, this statement is so small yet so significant. It changes the lives of people every day and brings them so much pride and joy. This statement means I can do so many things, even what some would call impossible. * I can...
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My Literary Twin

by Cathy Yan, Junior Editor for Creative Non-fiction     It is not at all controversial to say adolescence is one of the most difficult periods of anyone’s life. For me, the growing pains were exacerbated by having to constantly switch schools and deal with the resulting isolation caused by a combination of internalized anger, self-pity...
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