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April Fiction Prompt: Saving Ella (short story)

by Amber Kelley, Age 17, USA The fiction prompt of the month for April was “revamped fairytales.”   SAVING ELLA My eyes darted toward the clocktower. Fifteen minutes until midnight. Fifteen minutes to save Ella. I sprinted up the palace stairs and shoved my way past royal guards. Fortunately, my princely disguise kept them from...
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Fiction Prompt: The Silly Knight (short story)

by Tallis Baker, Age 17, Australia The fiction prompt for April was “revamped fairytales.”   THE SILLY KNIGHT There are three different types of heroes. The first type is the one that everyone knows is going to save the day; even the other characters know it. There’s the “unlikely hero,” who the readers know is...
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Fiction: The Clown Depression (a poem)

by Meghna Chatterjee, Age 15, India   THE CLOWN DEPRESSION Heard a good joke once, of a white-faced man who made them laugh glassy-eyed, mouth turned down called himself a clown, a jester, though he seldom smiled. but they beat their chests and jeered and laughed the poor clown stood by his craft– the art...
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