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Creative Non-Fiction: I Must Have Words

by Cindy Green, Age 16, Canada   When I received the newsletter explaining the current situation of jaBlog!, I have to admit I wasn’t that surprised. Though an end to LTC hadn’t crossed my mind, I had noticed the decline in overall participation. (I confess I have contributed to the submission shortage). Acceptant as I...
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June Drama Prompt: Time in a Bottle

​​​​​​by Madelaine Formica, Age 18, USA The June drama prompt was to base your script on a well-known song. This script was inspired by the song “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce.   TIME IN A BOTTLE Int. Hospital room. LIZ is sitting up in the hospital bed, tissue in hand. LIZ watches GOERGE as he paces in...
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Short Story: Prison Cell

by Mariane Enriquez, Age 18, Philippines   PRISON CELL Numbers swirl around in my head in no particular order as I stare at the blood-red toxic sky. I am in a prison cell, a twelve-foot ditch with bars for a roof and metal walls and flooring. I have been here for 43,200 seconds, exposed to...
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