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July Drama Prompt: Summertime Memories

by Shalini Biju, Age 11, USA   The July drama prompt was to include the words¬†include the words: waffle, summer, drums, and movies. SUMMERTIME MEMORIES Characters SARA ROBERTS: a shy, caring girl whose mom is a famous actress and her dad a writer JESSICA SUTO: a loud, outgoing girl who speaks out her mind, an...
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Short Story: In the Blood-streaked Dress

by Chiean Tien Thum, Age 17, Malaysia   In The Blood-streaked Dress I reached out for the seven hundred and sixteenth time. The little girl strode towards the park. The lingering confusion clouded my face again, but this time it came along with a deep sense of depression. No one seemed to be able to...
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Short Story: Hear, Hear

by Meghna Chatterjee, Age 15, India   HEAR, HEAR Sound. It shapes us. Makes us. It is us. We speak it. Hear it. Love it. But we hide. We fear a scream. A cry. Silence. Most of all we fear silence. Pause now, just for a moment. Listen. What is it you hear? A bird?...
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