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Get Lost In Your Own Fictional World

by Holly Riordan, Age 19   In order to write a believable story, it’s important to delve into the world you create. You need to be able to connect to each character and understand why they feel and act the way that they do. We all know that it can be difficult to get into...
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I Don’t Know What to Write

by Taylor MacLeod, Age 16, Canada   Sometimes when people don’t know what to write, they look to others. They go to friends or family and ask, “What should I write?” When you ask someone this, though, it’s not the same as when you find your own inspiration for writing. There are many different ways...
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Emotion in Writing

by Zachary McKay, Age 13   Emotion is a key element of writing, no matter if it’s a short-story or a five-hundred page novel.  Any person can learn over time how to beautifully construct words to engage a reader, but without emotion and purpose behind those words, the reader cannot get the absolute most out...
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