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Short Story: Kameradschaft

by Chelsea Hindle, Age 15, Australia   Kameradschaft  On my stomach, I wriggled forward through the leaf litter, then tensed up and flattened myself to the ground at the sound of boots, and voices in a language I didn’t understand. Uniformed soldiers passed within a foot of my nose, and I suddenly felt the wild,...
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Poem: The Tied Feet

by Melaka Jude, Age 15, Sri Lanka   The Tied feet A little brown sparrow Once stood alone did he Upon metal bars of rust With string his feet tied be He watched one day the blue sky And longed to free his wings He saw two other birds fly by A sweet song did...
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Poem: A Machinery of Affection

by Meghna Chatterjee, Age 15, India   A MACHINERY OF AFFECTION i. This town holds ten thousand lies, deeply buried in these catacomb streets, where a single metal detector scans the rugged roads in faint discreet, awaiting the sound of static to appear telling me the metal gears are found of punctured memories, of forgotten...
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