Author of Vampire Novel Shares Writing Tips


Vampire aficionado, Angela Cosco, talks about some of the challenges she faced writing and editing her book Fantastic Vampires and shares some helpful tips for writing a fantasy novel.

FV Cover ArtAs a child, I was totally fascinated with fantasy fiction: mostly vampires, wizards, elves and dragons. As I got older, my interests became more practical. I studied world religions, people, history and cultures. Of course, I’ve always enjoyed writing poetry, songs, and stories. Especially, about the things I love most. But it wasn’t always easy. I faced several challenges.

One challenge I faced writing Fantastic Vampires was writing historically accurate settings. I had to describe cities and eras of time, from the days of Noah (as written in the Bible) to the early 1900’s. I also had to research famous people from those same eras such as King Solomon.

I also spent time inventing new slang words and special features for my vampires. Finally, when editing, I discovered areas where I contradicted myself. It took time to fix, but in the end, I had a well-written novel.

Tips for Writing a Fantasy Fiction Novel

1) Study the history eras that are part of your story. The more realistic you can be with the actual places, around the real events in history, the more fascinating your fiction story will be.

2) Keep a little note book with you to write things down no matter where you go. Even if you leave to go for a walk, or to a friend’s house, or maybe laying out in the sun, you will want to have a pocket notebook and pen with you always. Ideas are everywhere.

3) Use a thesaurus so that you don’t keep using the same words over and over again.

4) Keep a journal of all errors or parts you have removed while editing.


Angela Cosco was born in Fairmont, WV, and currently resides in Quebec, Canada with her family. An avid reader from her earliest years, her interests range from world cultures and religions, to fantasy, science, and history. Of course, she loves a good vampire story! Fantastic Vampires is a six-year labor of love. You can read Angela’s vampire blog.


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