August Fiction: Love Equivalent to War (a poem)

by Nadia Zywina, Age 12, Canada

Artwork by Lucy Zhang

The prompt of the month for August was “sand.”


Love Equivalent to War jaBlog!Love Equivalent to War

I open my eyes and smile,
rising up slightly to reach your height.
I swoop down to give you a grand hug,
only for you to reach out your arms,
and cast me back to my home again.

You get sick of me easily,
I keep coming back for more.
You are a sandy shore,
and I am a monster

You’re scared of me;
my sudden outbursts frighten you.
Fate is in my hands,
and I could destroy you with just one wave.

It would wear you thin and fragile,
until you built up once again.
I have to control my temper,
but the demons always win.

You get sick of me easily.
I am the pest in your life.
Your arms grow tired from holding me back;
you pray to end this strife.


Nadia writes, “I am pulsing with new thoughts and ideas daily, and I love to put pen to paper to express those thoughts.”


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