August Fiction: Beach (a poem)

by Abigail Alda M. Ong, Age 16, Philippines

Artwork by Katie King

The prompt of the month for August was “sand.”



Poem: Beach - jaBlog!I laid on the ground,
Closed my eyes,
Spread my hands,
And sighed.

The feeling of the sun,
So hot,
So warm,
And so close.

Sweat trickled down
The sand on my back,
So uncomfortable
Yet so relaxing.

So comforting,
It surrounded me.
My body rolled over to face it.
I pushed myself off it.

I opened my eyes and saw,
Saw the white clean sand,
So pure without a flaw,
Yet beyond this space I saw.

I saw and smelled the flaw
Only a few meters away,
Yet a mile of garbage
Of flaw it was.

The pure sand,
Covered with dirt,
The ocean not any better,
So filthy, so pitiful.

The sand on my feet got softer
As I felt the waves bellow me.
I closed my eyes and fell,
Fell into a deep sleep.

I saw the sand so white,
So pure, as far as I could see
And knew
That I was dreaming.


Abigail says, “I love writing and I can write a freestyle poem in less than a minute. As long as you give me a title, I’m good to go.”



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