August Drama Prompt: The Artists’ Picnic

by Tallis Baker, Age 16, Australia

Artwork by Lucy Zhang

The drama prompt for August was to write a scene with two characters around the theme “picnic.”


jaBlog! August Drama Prompt: The Artist's PicnicPABLO and VINCENT have seen each other in the aisle of the shopping centre.


VINCENT: Oh, hi.

PABLO: Are you going to the artists’ picnic tomorrow?

VINCENT: I’m thinking about it. You?

PABLO: Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

VINCENT: What are you bringing?

PABLO: Well, I was thinking I’d bring along an old-fashioned easel and some paint. I’m hoping someone will bring a canvas.

VINCENT: I’m not quite sure that’s what they mean when they say BYO.

PABLO: Nonsense! Everyone will be bringing that kind of stuff! At least, I hope they do, because I’ve only got one easel.

There is a pause while VINCENT checks his phone.

PABLO: Never got the hang of those things. I’m always sure they’ll blow up in my face. I don’t know why the people of this century are always cluttering the world with useless gadgets.

VINCENT: Leonardo’s going. I might go, after all.

PABLO: What are you bringing?

VINCENT: Well, I was going to bring a cheese platter, but now I think I’ll bring some paint brushes. People always forget those.


Tallis says, “I wouldn’t describe writing as something I want to do, even though it is. It’s something I have to do.”


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