Artemis Fowl Review

by Pamella Okonny, Age 14, USA


eng_1Artemis Fowl is a series about a brilliant, rich boy and his more than capable manservant and their dealing with the underground world of faeries. The readers get to watch Artemis grow from a devious, cold-hearted boy into a caring man. The author, Eoin Colfer, blends humour, seriousness and a good dash of realism into his characters. This is a skill that many writers still need to learn.

I laughed when Artemis was kissed by Holly Short, the sporty fairy and the only female in the LEP police. I cried when Commander Julius Root, Head of  the Fairy police, died, and I have never had any book ever do that to me. When a book can touch someone on a deep personal level then you know the author has achieved something great.

Colfer’s stories are so well written that there is almost no need to have a suspension of belief. He carefully researches his facts to make his world seem plausible. He never throws in random things expecting the readers not to be skeptical.

Each character has their own personality and their very own backstory that makes each of them feel less like secondary characters and more like friends you wish you could see more of. He blurs the line between good and evil, making all things possible and to be equally thought of. There is no complete right or wrong in the real world or in this book. You must see the characters, not as superheroes whose stance is infallible, but as creatures who can do right and wrong.

This is an important idea to impress into readers and writers for we live in a world where everyone must be right all the time, where being wrong is the worst possible outcome. As a young writer I truly hope that one day, I can write like Mr.Colfer. I want to reach people like he reached me.


Pamella Okonny is a 14 year old writer from the United States. You can read Pamella’s blog.


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