The Art of Writing for Career-minded Writers

by Savannah Hubbard, Age 16, USA


Writing is something that has always intrigued me. The idea of weaving words into resonant sentences, and resonant sentences into artfully crafted stories or essays or poems is fascinating. Writing is emotional and personal yet accessible.

Writing takes determination, natural talent and plenty of reading to become even mediocre. It is something anyone can do, but not something anyone can do well. I am by no means any sort of expert but through years of writing essays and newspaper articles, reading novels and “how to write” self help books, editing stories for my peers and becoming competitive in academic competitions I have learned a good deal about the craft.

I have learned to not take myself too seriously, that it is okay to abandon a piece, to be patient, to take criticism well. I have learned to discreetly break the basic writing commandments, to use my favorite books and lines as inspiration, to write at every opportunity. I have learned it is important not only to have a large vocabulary and good syntax, but to think like a writer.

Learning to become a deep thinker and a great observer is important. Always take note of your surroundings. Remember people, faces, actions, scenes. Keep a filing cabinet in your mind and pull plots or characters or settings from your observations.

While all this is important, simply nodding your head in agreement won’t improve your writing. The only way to improve is to do it. Just write and write and write some more. That is the art of writing.


Savannah Hubbard is a 16 year old American writer. She says, “I am an aspiring photojournalist, hoping to tell the stories of people through my photographs and the written word. So far in my writing ‘career’ I have somehow managed to become an editor for my school newspaper, have an article published in my local paper and place in several academic writing competitions.”


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