April Fiction: When You Fall in Love (a poem)

by Sanya Chawla, Age 14, India

Artwork by Katie King

The April fiction prompt was “falling.”


When You Fall in Love jaBlog!When You Fall in Love

Love is when she looks at him,
And her heart starts drumming.
Love is when he looks at her,
And his heart starts humming.

Love is when he smiles at her,
And she forgets everybody else around.
Love is when she holds his hand,
And he feels he’s no longer touching the ground.

Love is when the nights seem brighter.
The falling rain is somehow lighter,
And the hot, sweaty, summer days,
Seem to flash by in a daze.

Love is when
Her heart starts beating
In tune with the thrum
Of his heart’s strings.

Love is when life’s
Once rambunctious cacophonies
Dance around them,
Now lyrical melodies.

And when they no longer take heed,
Of what their minds advise,
Allowing their hearts full lease,
To simply be the guides.

That single moment, when their heads reel,
Intoxicated by that glorious epiphany,
Is when they know for sure, without a doubt,
That they have fallen in love and can’t get out.


Sanya writes, “I am an aspiring author and poet, and I wish to write in such a way,that my writing resonates in the minds of those who read it and strikes a chord within their hearts.”


7 comments on “April Fiction: When You Fall in Love (a poem)

  1. Sanya

    Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments! This really means a lot to me

  2. Brilliant poem! It brought tears (happy tears, don’t worry) to my eyes. Such an amazing answer to the simple prompt of ‘falling’; really inventive. I also love the vocabulary you use.

  3. Valerie

    This poem is so sweet! I especially loved your music metaphors. Great job! :)

  4. Saanjhi Rawat

    Great… It was really good!

  5. lyss

    When will the finalists be emailed with a notification?

    • lyss

      sorry, wrong place. Great poem :) I really like how you went into both sides of the relationship :)

    • Laura Thomas

      To find out if you are a finalist, you need to check the 2013 winners page.

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