April Fiction: If Time were a Fall (poem)

by Ian Sifton, Canada Blogger jaBlog!

Artwork by Katie King 

April’s fiction prompt of the month was “falling.” 


If Time Were a Fall jaBlog!If Time Were a Fall

If time were a fall,
Where would I begin,
And where would I end?

If time were a fall,
How long would it last?
Could my descent be controlled?

If time were a fall,
Could I pick myself up
And start over again?

If time were a fall,
Is it only gravity at my helm?
Is it my ship or theirs?

And if time were a fall—
Ah, all of this is making my head hurt.
I need time to think.


Side note [from Ian Sifton]:  “I know that the phrase ‘If time were a fall’ contains a grammatical error, but I intentionally wrote it that way because I felt it sounded better than ‘If time was a fall.'”


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