April Drama Prompt: Future’s Slime

by Madelaine Formica, Age 18, USA

The drama prompt for April was to start the script with the line: I found it on my way to school.



Hands cupped, LAURAN runs down the side walk. LAURAN stops in front of JAN, holds out cupped hands.

LAURAN: I found it on my way to school.

JAN looks at LAURAN’S hands.

JAN: You found a snail.

LAURAN: Not just a snail. It can tell the future.

JAN: (Says in dead monotone voice.) Wow! Really?

LAURAN: Yah! It drew a picture of me with its slime. I’m going to marry a pilot.

JAN gives an unbelieving look.

LAURAN: Here I’ll show you. (Puts snail on a piece of paper on the ground.)

JAN: I have homework. How long will this take?

LAURAN: Just give it a second.

JAN: Waiting. Waiting. Still waiting. Is that a hand?

LAURAN: It sure is.

JAN: And that’s me. Why am I crying?

LAURAN: Maybe you got an F on your math test.

JAN: No, I look older. Like thirty.

LAURAN: Is that a baby blanket you’re gripping?

JAN steps on snail, moving her foot so the picture is ruined.

JAN: I don’t want to know the future.


Madelaine Formica is eighteen years old who currently lives in Virginia. She’s been published in Realms Magazine and in jaBlog! for two of her scripts “Duelling Characters” and “Kidnapped.”


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