2016 Writing Goals

Want LTC to publish your writing goals for 2016?


How to participate:
1) Set some reasonable writing goals for 2016 and write them down (under 150 words please, in note form)
2) Send them to laura@laurathomascommunications.com with the SUBJECT: 2016 Writing Goals.
3) Include your name, age, country.
4) Include a link to your blog or website (optional).
5) Feel free to leave encouraging comments or updates in the comment box throughout the year.

How to Be Considered for a Prize:
In December 2016, you have the option of sending Laura a report on how you did with your goals. If you wish to be considered for a prize, please submit your report by midnight December 31, 2016. Participants who do not submit a year-end report, or who miss the deadline, will not be considered for a prize.

When I say “reasonable goals” I mean setting goals around the aspects of publishing that you have control over. You can set a goal to enter a contest or submit to a magazine, but you cannot control winning or being published. ~ Laura


Shelby Cleghorn, Age 17, Canada
1. Write something, anything, every day.
2. Submit at least 4 pieces of writing to contests, for editing, etc.
3. Complete the stories that I start; stop getting frustrated and tossing ideas before I really give them a chance.
4. Be more open to sharing writing and getting critiqued.
5. Participate in as many LTC Writing Challenges as possible as a way to keep me on track and reminded of my writing goals.

Adaline Griffiths, Age 15, USA
Submit 3 Pieces Somewhere
Finish Novella: Transformed
Write 3 Poems
Write 2 Short Stories
Outline Next Novella
Write a collection of short essay biographies

Victoria Feng, Age 11, USA
1. Submit 8 pieces of work.
2. Finish a story before I start another one.
3. Write new types of writing I don’t usually write.

Georgia Anderton, Age 10, India
1. Write a full length novel.
2. Enter 2016’s Junior Authors Short Story Contest.
3. Write at least 3 edited short stories.
4. Enter 2 or more stories for jaBlog!
5. Edit and Publish my small novel. – already written.
6. Write 3 poems.
7. Find the best publisher for my writing.

Aviva Katz, Age 15, USA
1. Write everyday. I started a new notebook, and I plan to write either a page or 15 minutes a day.
2. Continue working with an online writing mentor to learn and improve. In return, help others by submitting more critiques.
3. Try NaNoWriMo – no excuses this time!
4. Spend a lot of time on one short story to finish it start to finish and go back and apply edits, since I’m really bad at going back and applying feedback.
5. Just be flexible in writing. Enter contests that speak to me and challenge me. Try new styles… Push my comfort zone.

Kinneret Katz, Age 16, USA
I want to remember to write for myself, not just for school.

Tiffany Smith, Age 18, USA
1) Find a literary agent (I sent my manuscript to a few already)
2) Finish the novel I started to write during NaNoWriMo
3) Win some writing contest/scholarships
4) Read more!
5) Still make the time to do all these things when I go to college

Brooke Hemingway, Age 12, USA
Brooke’s Blog
Write a 50,000+ word book this year
Write one short story or poem each month
Post something on my blog every day
Read a majority of genres
Be published in 3 different places

Thank you for allowing young writers to have this opportunity. It was the very first thing I did on you website, and for that I am very grateful. - Brooke



14 comments on “2016 Writing Goals

  1. Are we allowed to submit 2015 Writing Goals in July? Thanks, Laura!

  2. Brooke Hemingway

    Do I need to give an update about my goals on a specific date?

    • Hi Brooke. You can give me an update anytime you like. I will do a more formal call for updates at the end of the year.

  3. Georgia

    So glad i found this I’m going to give it a shot!

    • Hi Georgia. I have added your goals to the page. Be sure to give me an update on your progress in a few months. :-)

  4. Iliana

    So a novel–is that, like, a long book?

    • On average Children’s novels range from 25,000 to 50,000 words. Novels for older readers range from 60,000 to 90,000.

  5. Iliana

    Rose Evan’s first goal should be mine, too. That happens a lot with me!

  6. Akshta

    Dear Laura,
    Can we edit our goals even after they are submitted & published?

  7. Raiha

    This is wonderful!!

  8. Kinneret

    This is a brilliant idea, Laura! I can’t wait to write down some goals and send them in.

    • Laura Thomas

      I’m glad you like it, Kinneret. I will probably update the page each Friday with all the goals that come in during the week.

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