The Beauty of Writing

by Alyssandria Lim, Age 16, Australia


Writing is possibly one of the most intricate and elaborate form of expression. When we are young, we are taught to express our opinions on certain topics or to retell beloved memories. In school, we are encouraged to write about current affairs, politics and more complex issues.

For some, words are simply a form of basic communication, a necessity to get through each day. For others, however, it is all they know how to do. Words bleed from their fingertips in delicate prose and they love with poetry strewn from their heartstrings. It is not always about how many soldiers were lost in the war but also how humanity has sunk into the grasps of violence for gain or the letters left behind by soldiers addressed to beloved wives.

Words have the ability to play music on rib cages and be a blanket on bitter cold nights. It just comes down to whether or not you let it consume you.


Alyssandria Lim is a 16 year old Australian writer who dreams of becoming a distinguished author. You can read more of Aly’s poetic writing on her blog.


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