The World Needs Words

by Agnes Lawson, Age 17, USA


Words connect every human being across space and time.  The ability to string those words into sentences is considered easy, a monotonous task.  The ability to string those sentences into inspiring stories is the difference between monotony and a wordsmith, a writer.  Writers admire words.  They admire sentences and their relation with each other.  Writers can use those relationships to portray thought, emotion, and action.

Writers write about real things like a burglary, the stock market, or an aspiring chef that recently opened a restaurant.  They also write about false worlds. And when they are good at their craft of sewing the words together, the reader doesn’t realize it’s fiction at all.

The loss of words would be the loss of our culture, of hopes for the future, and dreams of the past.  Although we rely heavily on technology, no computer could bring back the stories, because no computer can run without coding. Even coding itself relies on the written word.

Journalists, fiction writers, and coders all have their own independent and completely different stereotypes, but they all rely on the written word, and have respect for those words.  If there were no written word, we wouldn’t know what was happening across the world, in an author’s head, or what was happening in our computer.

Words, although emotionless bits of ink and pixels, deserve respect.  They hold the fabric of our culture together, and if we were to lose them or those who can sew them together, who knows what would happen to our beloved world.


Agnes Lawson is 17 year old Alaskan writer who has always loved stories and words, but it took a special 7th grade teacher to inspire her to write.  She hopes to be a published author. Read Agnes’ blog.


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