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Since 2012 (and earlier in 2008 when I started the first Junior Authors Contest), my mission at Laura Thomas Communications online has been to foster the development of young writers worldwide. I am serious about helping young writers develop their talent and get published. Why? Because today’s young writers are tomorrow’s leaders in literature and communications.

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Remember that “those who tell the stories rule the world” (Plato), so take advantage of the fact that you are young and probably still living at home and don’t have to pay the bills. Write a lot. Submit a lot. Be bold with your words. Work on your skills. Never give up.


Laura Michelle Thomas, B.A., B.A., M.A., Author
a.k.a. the “Queen of Young Writers”

Publisher & Senior Editor, jaBlog! Junior Authors Blog


Thanks a lot. You have changed my life. I am really inspired by you. – Raiha


Thank you so much for your investment in the development of the talents of young writers worldwide. I find it very hard to find adults who take my writing seriously as a potential profession, and your unwavering encouragement and infectious enthusiasm have made a big difference. – Katsuri


People like you are a blessing for parents like myself who are not able to offer our kids much academically, but are willing to support 100%. – Joanna


Thank you for everything you do for young writers. Like you, Laura, I feel that younger writers do not have the opportunity to get their writing out there, or feel like it is really good, or even just get some decent feedback. Sure, there are websites that you can post your writing on, but some of them aren’t very good, or are dominated by adults, or aren’t real sites that offer proper advice. Thank you for doing all that you do, and I will most definitely be entering the 2014 short story competition, after being a finalist in the 2013 one (which also gave me a real confidence boost – so much so, I started putting my writing out there more!). Thank you, once again. – Hannah


“I just want to say thank you. Your emails demonstrate how dedicated you are to helping us young writers, and you’re never condescending or patronizing, just friendly and helpful. I believe you are the only company of your kind in the entire world, and I appreciate that so much. I just finished reading Polly Wants to Be a Writer, and again, it makes me so thankful to have you as a mentor, even if you’re mentoring hundreds (thousands?) of other young writers at the same time.” - Kinneret, Aspiring Young Writer and LTC Insider Plus+ Member

I would like to thank you for having created Laura Thomas Communications for it is truly a wonderful website that has inspired many young writers (including me) to pursue their dreams. - Olya, Aspiring Writer, Published on jaBlog! and LTC Insider Plus+ Member


6 comments on “About & Our Mission

  1. Does it cost money to publish books? I’m only 10, turning 11 in 2015 and my goal to publish 2-5 books.


    • Hi Illana. If you would like to share your writing goals with us, please visit the 2015 writing goal page and send in your info. About you publishing question…it costs money if you publish independently but not if you sell your manuscript to a publisher.

  2. Aliyah

    Dear Laura,
    I am an indian mom of an aspiring young writer who has been an LTC follower since an year.
    Looking at your dedication towards helping young writers, I am very touched and wish to contribute to it. Please let me know if you require any kind of help in india. I would also love to donate LTC.


    Well i am glad i found you at last. I have few short stories and lots of ideas. I only need few more steps foward. Having someone who can help me would be great. Please i want to know, how can i get hold of that person who might help me? It will be better if i had a number that i can call

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Zusakhe. Please use the many resources and opportunities we have on the website; this is not a one-on-one private tutoring service.

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