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Submit to jaBlog!jaBlog! is run much like a magazine with monthly themes and a publication schedule, except we don’t allow any outside advertising, and we are an entry-level publication for new and unpublished writers. It’s a team effort and our goal is to provide opportunities for young writers to get published and for budding editors to get some real-world experience working for a publication. Best of all, we only accept articles from young writers between the ages of 9 and 21.

Don’t worry if you’ve never been published before. We want to see your stuff and give you hand making it publishable, if you need it. The great thing about jaBlog! is that young writers don’t have to compete with adult writers, and we expect that most of our contributors are just starting out and need a little guidance.

I would like to thank you for having published some of my pieces on jaBlog! It is truly inspirational to have a published writer consider my work to be of publishable material…to have someone say “you can do this” is an extremely powerful thing. - Olya Wickham, Read Olya’s poem, “Birth,” in the June issue of jaBlog!

We are a solid little e-zine for beginners. Our contributors retain all rights to their work and get to add a line to their publishing resumé or start their publishing resumé. Either way, we are proud to be part of their development.


I was just going through jaBlog and I wanted to let you know how amazing it is. I am eternally grateful to you for letting burgeoning writers like me get such valuable information.
- Gayatri from India

Meet Our Editorial Team

We want to review published books by Junior Authors. Click for submission guidelines.

We want to review published books by Junior Authors. Click for submission guidelines.

Publisher and Senior Editor: Laura Michelle Thomas, B.A., B.A., M.A.

Junior Editor for Short Stories and Poetry: Amneet Mann

Junior Co-editors for Drama: Erin Harvey & Mia Martins

Junior Editor for Non-fiction: Rhiannon Reintjens

Junior Editor for Book Reviews: Valerie Flokstra

Junior Editor & Proofreader: Erin Harvey

Artwork Coordinator: Katie King


How to Submit

Submission Guidelines

We want to read your work so please read our submission guidelines and send us something. You will hear from us whether we publish your work or not. If you don’t make it the first time around, keep trying, and ask for guidance. We are here to help young writers.



7 comments on “About jaBlog!

  1. Sadaf Tausif

    Dear Laura,
    I submitted my published book for a review but I did not get any feedback. Was there something wrong with the book?
    Sorry to bother you,

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Sadaf. I believe it is still being reviewed. Please be patient. I will follow up when our book review editor gets back to me.

  2. MicoM

    HI do you accept novels here??

    • Laura Thomas

      Please read the submission guidelines. We do review novels by young writers for our blog.

  3. Kinneret


    Do jaBlog articles come out at specific times, like once a week or something? Is there a way to be notified when a new jaBlog article is published?


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