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jaBlog! The Blog by and for Junior Authors


Launched in 2012 and based in British Columbia, Canada, jaBlog! is an entry-level literary journal which publishes fiction and non-fiction by young writers between the ages of 9 – 21.

We published monthly from October 2012 to July 2016 and are no longer accepting submissions.




Meet the Editorial Team

Publisher and Senior Editor: Laura Michelle Thomas

Editor & Proofreader: Erin Harvey

Editor for Short Stories and Poetry: Sana Hameed

Co-editors for Drama: Erin Harvey & Mia Martins

Editor for Creative Non-fiction: Cathy Yan

Book Reviewers: Valerie Flokstra & Tegwyn Hughes


I would like to thank you for having published some of my pieces on jaBlog! It is truly inspirational to have a published writer consider my work to be of publishable material…to have someone say “you can do this” is an extremely powerful thing. - Olya Wickham, Read Olya’s poem, “Birth,” in the June issue of jaBlog!


I was just going through jaBlog and I wanted to let you know how amazing it is. I am eternally grateful to you for letting burgeoning writers like me get such valuable information.
- Gayatri from India


12 comments on “About Junior Authors Blog

  1. Dan

    Dear Laura,
    I was wondering if there will be another poem or short story competition in the future? Also, when will you start accepting submissions again?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Dan. No, no, and probably never. The only exception is that I will read and give feedback on short stories that are written for the the Polly fan fiction challenge from my novel, Polly Wants to Be a Writer.

  2. Courtney

    Hi, I don’t quite understand how to submit to JaBlog, some pointer would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Sadaf Tausif

    Dear Laura,
    I submitted my published book for a review but I did not get any feedback. Was there something wrong with the book?
    Sorry to bother you,

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Sadaf. I believe it is still being reviewed. Please be patient. I will follow up when our book review editor gets back to me.

    • AJ

      have got any reviews?? sadaf!

  4. MicoM

    HI do you accept novels here??

    • Laura Thomas

      Please read the submission guidelines. We do review novels by young writers for our blog.

  5. Kinneret


    Do jaBlog articles come out at specific times, like once a week or something? Is there a way to be notified when a new jaBlog article is published?


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