2015 Writing Goals

If you have goals for 2015 listed below and would like to be considered for a prize, you can email Laura a final update on your progress by midnight LTC time on December 31st.  

Goals for 2016 will be accepted starting January 1st.


Hiya Chowdhury, Age 13, India
Hiya’s Blog
1) Finish my novel and get it published.
2) Place in a writing contest.
3) Get at least three pieces of writing/poems published on jaBlog!
4) Get my blogs organized and running properly.
5) Write stories/poems for myself, instead of only writing when a contest comes up.

“Thank you so much Laura! This really motivated me, and I can’t wait to provide an update on how much I accomplished at the end of the year!” – Hiya

Fiza Kazmi, Age 14, Pakistan
1) Definitely should be more descriptive and vivid.
2) Should complete one piece of writing first rather than starting another.
3) Participate in many writing competitions.
4) Need to learn stupendous vocabulary!
5) Get my name recognized!
6) At least have 10-11 publications.
7) Write daily!

Dorcas Wong, Age 12, USA
1. Write more.
2. Be inspired more.
3. Write longer chapters.
4. Collaborate with some of my other friends for writing.
5. Have even more fun writing than I am now.
6. Participate in many contests.

“Thank you for this opportunity! I have always loved writing, but I really have never thought about goals. Thank you for showing me how important goals are and for hosting contests!” – Dorcas

Victoria Feng, Age 10, USA
Victoria’s Blog
1. Finish the final draft of my novel.
2. Get published in 5 different places.
3. Get 6 short stories ready for publication.

Ivory Kelly, Age 15, Singapore
Ivory’s Blog
1) Update a 100-word story every week (more if possible)
2) Participate and complete NaNoWriMo this year
3) Read original fiction more
4) Try to provide feedback for other aspiring authors
5) Actually get started on my own novel

Brooke Hemingway, Age 12, USA
Brooke’s Blog
1. Write at least something every day, whether it is a story, journal entry, or random ideas or thoughts.
2. Focus more on in-depth characters.
3. Finish a novel or novella this year.
4. Use better descriptions and make every word count.
5. Read a lot.
6. Have an open mind about anything I write or read.
7. Save all of my writing.

Grace Burgess, Age 12, United States
-write consistently
-stay focused on ONE story instead of continuously beginning others
-send an email to Laura of my 2015 writing goals!

Elsie YeaLim Jang, Age 13, China
1. Write daily.
2. Get my work published in at least 10 different places.
3. Learn and use at least 5 new forms/styles of poetry.
4. Write at least 10 legitimate short stories.
5. Be happy about what I write.

Georgia Anderton, Age 9, India
1. Complete 2 short stories
2. Write one full story, not a short story
3. Write a full series
4. Publish 2 or more stories
5. Write a non-fiction story
6. Write a poem

Iliana Roberts, Age 10, Canada
Iliana’s Blog
1. Publish “Ellie the Horse Girl Book 1″
2. Start and finish “Ellie the Horse Girl Book 3″
3. Write and publish 2 short stories
4. Write one book of poetry
5. Finish “Us Wild Horses Book 1″
6. Finish “Jenna’s Story Book 1″
7. Start writing “Navigo Book 1″

Rose Evans, Age 13, Australia
Rose’s Blog
1. Actually finish a decent story (I’m the kind of person who writes the introduction, then gets distracted by a shiny object and promptly forgets the story ever existed).
2. Continue blogging.
3. Enter more story competitions.
4. Stop waffling. I waffle a lot and as a result my writing tends to be long and full of hilarious banter that lends nothing to the story.

Katy Coley, Age 15, USA
1. Completely finish 3 short stories
2. Submit a short story to the short story contest
3.Submit a piece to JaBlog!
4. Write something EVERY day
5. Share a piece with the writing club at school

Mackenzie Parham, Age 15, USA
My writing goals for this year are:
1) to finish a story quickly in order to publish it online sooner
2) to use better word choice
3) and to write characters with more depth.

Cindy Green, Age 15, Canada
1) Write at least half of a novel (and stick with it the following year)
2) Finish two (or more) of the big fan fictions that are currently being neglected
3) Start editing my fan fiction series of 10+ books (change names, places, etc.) to make them my own
4) Review a book by a junior author
5) Finally read Polly Wants to Be a Writer and write a fan fiction

“Thank you so much for this, Laura. Maybe I’ll finally do everything I planned this year!” :) – Cindy

Sierra Ret, Age 15, Canada
1) Completely rewrite the first two books of the series I am writing with my sister
2) Complete the last book of our series
3) Research publishing options for our books
4) Be a finalist in this year’s LTC Short Story Contest
5) Read a lot, write a lot, and generally just improve and expand my literary skills

Aviva Katz, Age 14, USA
1) Try NaNoWriMo (maybe not in November though)
2) Write for 30 minutes a day
3) Apply the edits I have already gotten to pieces
4) Enter real contests, including LTC
5) Try new poetry forms
6) Write for the school literary magazine and newspaper
7) Complete incomplete work

“Thank you so much, Laura, for doing this. I wouldn’t have thought about my goals, but you’ve made me think about it. I’m sure I’ll be writing a lot more now because of your contests, jaBlog!, and Polly workbooks. I’m so excited to join this community for 2015 and the years to follow. Thanks again, Laura!” – Aviva

Marley Rocha, Age 15, Australia
1. This year I hope to achieve many things but here are just a few. . .
2. To finally complete a novel
3. Get a job writing for a magazine or something
4. Win NaNoWriMo
5. Become a Junior Authors Short Story Contest finalist!

Smriti Verma, Age 15, India
Smriti’s Blog
1) I recently found something after attending a poetry course titled “Bernadette Mayer’s Writing Experiments.” Many of them are very interesting and my goal is to complete each and every one of them in the coming year.
2) I want to write an epic poem, that is in the likes of poems like Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I am sure something like that would require a lot of brainstorming, so I’m ready to dedicate my following year to it.

Amna Gillani, Age 15, Pakistan
For once, my writing goals will not involve writing or finishing a novel but to build up techniques which are a prerequisite for undertaking such a tremendous project.  For one, I would like to practice writing more and better till writers’ block is a term unknown to me––like a true professional. Another aspect that I would like to focus on is starting with the small stuff and building up from letters to words; articles to novels. I also endeavour to get my work published in literary magazines by 2015 and perhaps even win a writing competition. In order to improve my writing and push my career forward, it is important for me to submit fresh pieces of writing at all levels instead of just depending on a few articles.

“Thank you, Laura, for coming up with this ingenious way to keep us focused on our goals year round.” – Amna

Sanya Chawla, Age 15, India
The following are my writing goals for 2015:
Get at least 5 pieces of my work published on jaBlog!
Win a poetry/story writing contest.
Complete the first draft of my novel.

Akshta Khurana, Age 13, India
Akshta’s blog
In 2015, I would concentrate on maintaining my blog and commit to weekly articles. Also, edit & publish/submit my poems.

“Thank you, Laura for inspiring me & other fellow writes thought the year. I hope LTC prospers in the years to come & continues the noble deed of helping young writers worldwide.” – Akshta

Mariel Ortega, Age 15, USA
Publish my novel.
Finish all my half-written stories.
Write every day. 

Nadia, Age 13, Canada
One of my goals for 2015 is to vow to finish and edit every poem I write ( begin to write). Another goal is to finish and edit my novel, possibly look into a publisher. My third goal is to look into different writing forms and to try to write a new form, ( prose, scripts.)

Syeda Mahnoor Raza, Age 13, Pakistan
This year, my main writing goal is to finish my Sci-Fic novel’s first draft so that I can move on to the editing. Furthermore, I’d love to get a poetry anthology published, and win at least one writing competition at school or outside it. And most importantly, I really, really want to write in a cafe with the fragrance of coffee-beans drifting around.

Salma Danuningrat, Age 11, Indonesia
My writing goals for 2015:
Finish and publish my novel
Use my writing to speak up against discrimination, racism and sexism
Begin and commit to my short story anthology

“Thank you very much Ms. Thomas, for inspiring and motivating me this year. 2014 has been such a great year for me in terms of writing. I have further realized my passion for writing. LTC has given me so many opportunities that I have grown and learned from. I cannot wait to continue my writing adventure with Laura Thomas Communications.” – Salma

Kinneret Katz, Age 15, USA
These are my writing goals for 2015. First of all, I would like to get a story published. If I don’t get one story or poem published, I’d like a handful of stories published in my school’s new literary magazine. I would also like to start and complete (revisions and everything) two new stories or essays. And maybe get back into writing poetry as well.

Erin Harvey, Age 16, USA
Erin’s Blog
My goal for the New Year is to complete the revision stages of my novel, which will allow me to work toward publication. I also aspire to continue featuring a variety characters in my work as an effort to make diversity in young adult literature more commonplace.

Jewel Potter, Age 15, USA
My goals for 2015 include:
Winning NaNoWriMo again
Publishing a novel
Winning a short story/poetry contest

Vanessa Medeiros, Age 14, Canada
Vanessa’s Blog
Finish up and polish my 2013 NaNoWriMo novel
Plan the ending of my 2014 novel
Write a great short story for the Junior Authors Short Story Contest


Send your 2015 writing goals to laura@laurathomascommunications.com.




14 comments on “2015 Writing Goals

  1. Are we allowed to submit 2015 Writing Goals in July? Thanks, Laura!

  2. Brooke Hemingway

    Do I need to give an update about my goals on a specific date?

    • Hi Brooke. You can give me an update anytime you like. I will do a more formal call for updates at the end of the year.

  3. Georgia

    So glad i found this I’m going to give it a shot!

    • Hi Georgia. I have added your goals to the page. Be sure to give me an update on your progress in a few months. :-)

  4. Iliana

    So a novel–is that, like, a long book?

    • On average Children’s novels range from 25,000 to 50,000 words. Novels for older readers range from 60,000 to 90,000.

  5. Iliana

    Rose Evan’s first goal should be mine, too. That happens a lot with me!

  6. Akshta

    Dear Laura,
    Can we edit our goals even after they are submitted & published?

  7. Raiha

    This is wonderful!!

  8. Kinneret

    This is a brilliant idea, Laura! I can’t wait to write down some goals and send them in.

    • Laura Thomas

      I’m glad you like it, Kinneret. I will probably update the page each Friday with all the goals that come in during the week.

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