10 Reasons to Write an Expert Book

by Laura Michelle Thomas


Almost every expert says, “I have always wanted to write a book,” but very few actually get around to doing it. It’s too bad, because writing and publishing an expert book could be the best marketing money you have ever spent.

Here is what writing an expert book can do for you and your brand.

#1 – Higher Profile
Writing a book makes you more visible in your field both nationally and globally. It also makes you more interesting and newsworthy. That could open doors to magazine, newspaper, radio, or TV interviews.

#2 – Creates Opportunity
Being a published author in your field is an accomplishment that is recognized by associations and professional networks. Conference organizers love to bring expert authors in as keynote speakers.

#3 – Respect Well-earned
Books are still one of the most respected forms of communication in our society. Showing that you can put in the time and effort it takes to write a book will earn you well-deserved respect in your field and outside of it.

#4 – Leadership Proved
It’s proof that you aren’t just an ideas person. You know how to execute and get a project done.

#5 – Higher Rates of Pay
Consultants and speakers who are authors tend to be paid more than those who have not written an expert book.

#6 – Differentiation
How many of your competitors are authors? When you have written a book, you will stand out from the crowd.

#7 – Confidence Boost
Your confidence will increase because you will have accomplished something that many dream of but never do. Even if you do it with the help of a ghostwriter, it’s still a huge project that takes time and resources.

#8 – Hones Your Message
When you try to communicate complex ideas to an audience in writing, it forces you to refine the nuances of your vision and purpose. This is a huge benefit for marketing.

#9 – Passive Income
Once the production cost of your book has been paid off, royalties turn into passive income that can last decades.

#10 – Touch the Lives of Others
If you write a book with a heart for helping others who are in your field, or who are aspiring to be in your field, your book will do well and you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction at having made a difference through sharing what you have learned.


Laura Michelle Thomas

About Laura Michelle Thomas

Laura Michelle Thomas is a novelist, freelance writer, writing mentor, and the owner of Laura Thomas Communications. She is the creator and administrator of the Junior Authors Contests and Junior Authors Conferences. Laura is publisher and senior editor of jaBlog! and is dedicated to fostering the development of young writers worldwide.

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